My name is Karim Ourtani and I work as a .Net Developer for the Flemish Agency for Care and Health (Zorg & Gezondheid).

I am also a member of the board of dataMinds, the Belgian Data Platform User group.

For those wanting to know, I have been been working with SQL Server Since 1998 (version 6.5).

I started programming on a TRS 80 in 1981 and first worked with GW Basic. If you now think “gosh I’m old”, I feel your pain.

Professionally I started working with VBA in 1996 and moved onto application development in VB3 in 1998 and as they say “the rest is history”.

Until 2010 I was an ardent fan and defender ob VB.Net, but when working on getting my degree in Computer Science, I made the switch to C# and never looked back.

Anyway, after working in the Banking Sector in London I moved onto various web projects where SQL Server was at the core of most of them.

Upon my return to Belgium (in 2007) I initially focused on the BI capabilities of SQL Server as well as Database Programming, but since joining the Flemish Government in 2012 I have been focused on web and application development with C#.

But to be honest, this hasn’t stopped me from learning about other topics like power BI, Power Automate, SharePoint etc…

So this means that I have more than twenty five years’ experience developing IT solutions for customers of all sizes. I would call myself an IT / Internet / BI specialist with an extensive all round knowledge of general development and general deployment strategies, Internet technologies, business development and business intelligence.

What gets me out of bed is the challenge of solving problems. I like to understand what a customer wants of their IT system or website and make it happen. I’m not interested in blinding you with technical jargon – I’m interested in making it work for you in the most cost effective way.

My experience in large and small companies has shown me how IT can often be the cart driving the horse. I believe I can put you back in charge of the horse – quickly and effectively. Technology can help small companies just as much as large ones; it needn’t be frightening or exorbitant. I have the ability to talk technology and also talk plain English (or French or Dutch). If you’ve always wanted a solution that works for you and impresses your customers then I believe I can produce it for you.